miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2009

Serfs 14/04/2009

Dimarts / Martes / Tuesday, 14 Abril / April 2009

@ Estudi Ozonokids. 20:30h / 8.30pm
Entrada: Donatiu / Donativo / Donation
Serfs: Jon Collin - "solemn guitar work - dips and bends of minimal playing rarely heard to this standard of consolidation" - Colour Ride

"...i'm terrible at writing anything about my music but i'll be playing sparse, lonesome guitar and my favourite guitar players are neil young, loren connors and mississippi john hurt. i'm touring under the 'serfs' name but could you put on there somewhere that it's me solo, as we're usually a duo. the vibe of my solo playing is pretty similar to the recordings on myspace." - J. Collin

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